Let’s Play Music is a music theory course that emphasizes total musicianship through piano playing, singing, classical music, note reading, and ear training…and it’s accomplished through play!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Children learn most effectively when they are playing! If you were to peek in on a Let’s Play Music class, you would see jumping, singing, skipping, storytelling, and laughing! Music educators have long taught that the young child learns best through play, experience and discovery. As musical concepts and skills are presented in a playful, joyful setting, children absorb knowledge and ability.

Use Music to Teach Music

It has been well documented that we recall information better when it is set to melody. (How did we all learn our ABC’s?) It seems obvious that if music is used to teach other subjects, we might as well use it to teach music! Let’s Play Music contains over 25 original songs and games specifically designed to teach musical concepts. We learn staff relationships, intervals, key signatures, chord inversions and much more all in song lyrics!

Full Body Movement

Children learn best by just doing. Lessons are structured with minimal talking and explaining which leaves plenty of time for playing, dancing and singing! Research has shown that the more physically involved a child is in the learning process, the more he/she will internalize the concept. That’s why we involve as much of the body as possible. i.e., the voice, the eyes, the ears, the hands, and even the full body.

Group Interaction

Children are much more likely to enjoy the setting when there are other children around. The synergy of a Let’s Play Music class naturally encourages children to participate and to excel.


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