Upcoming Events

Sample Classes – There are still a few spots open for new students for the 2015-2016 school year in 5 different studios in Northern Colorado!  You’re sure to find a time and location to fit your schedule.  Free sample classes this Tuesday, July 28th at 9:30am and 4pm.  Come and play with your child!  Contact aimee@latzke.us to reserve a spot and find out the location.

Park Day
All Fort Collins Let’s Play Music families (and friends) are invited to LPM Park Day on Wednesday, August 12th from 11am – 12:30pm at Miramont Park. Wear your LPM t-shirt (if you have one), pack a picnic (if you want), or just drop in for a few minutes! Ms. Aimee, Ms. Emily, and Ms. Ruth will provide popsicles and hugs! If you are NEW to music class, this is a perfect time to meet others in the program!

Parent Meeting
Each year, parents come to a mandatory Parent Orientation Meeting for each level they have a child enrolled. These meetings explain the Let’s Play Music philosophy and vision. Parents receive tips on how to get the most out of the musical experience and ask questions. Student materials are handed out at the meeting…so you can start listening to the CDs with your kids!

Let’s Play Music Parent Meetings will be at my studio on Wednesday, August 19th.
1st Year at 6:00 pm
2nd Year at 7:00 pm
3rd Year at 8:00 pm

LPM Parents: THANK YOU for attending the Meeting and for your commitment to your child & this program. If you have a conflict with Wednesday evening, let me know ASAP and you may attend one of the other LPM studios’ meeting.

Start Date
Classes start on Wednesday, August 26th or on Thursday, August 27th. ALL parents for ALL classes attend that first lesson. I will give you a detailed calendar at the Parent Meeting.

I look forward to starting another exciting musical year! Please contact me if you have questions.


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