Parent Involvement is Key

One aspect of  the Let’s Play Music program that is dramatically different from any piano lesson, or even any group piano class: parents are required to attend with the child every other week!

Why? Because one prominent goal  is to establish music as a venue for parents to play with, love, and bond with their child.  A child who perceives music study in this positive light flourishes!

This recently published thesis by Adrienne M. Wills on relationships between parental involvement in music class and the musical home environment sheds some additional light on the excellent reasons for attending music class with your child.

  • 86% of young students need parental encouragement in music making during class.
  • Parent involvement during music class helped students feel more competent.
  • Parent involvement during music class fostered a strong bond between parent and child.
  • Parent involvement coupled with a musical home environment improved music retention, plans to pursue music, music achievement, and music aptitude.
  • Participation in early childhood music classes enhanced the musical home environment.
  • Parents and children begin to communicate and relate to each other in a more meaningful way as a result of shared music class participation.

As you gear up to attend class with your child this month, be mindful of the wonderful benefits of your participation and clear about your intentions.

  • Model enthusiastic participation and respect (you are being watched and copied!)
  • Look into your child’s eyes, smile, give frequent hugs, rock him on your lap.
  • Endorse the spirit of playfulness in class and at home practice.

Your child’s first experience with music will delight him because he sees your delight in being with him.  He will sing when he sees that you enjoy singing, that you enjoy hearing him sing.  For years, he will rely heavily on your nurturing and shared enjoyment.  Over time, he will discover his own joys in creating music, and blossom into a lifetime love of music.


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